Why I volunteer

We're so grateful to the wonderful people who give up their time to keep P&Cs and Council thriving. But why do they do it?

Understanding that can help you recruit - and keep - your own workforce of helpers.

We asked some P&C and Council volunteers why they do it - click through for more:

I believe it sets a good example to my child...

- Cecilia Shlegel

When changes are being made, you get a great sense of satisfaction...

 -  Jane Koitka

I get to know the teachers and the kids and watch them grow. Parents come and have a chat and a cuppa. That’s all the thanks I need

- Bev Crittall

The response of the kids is the greatest reward for the time you put in.

- Jayne Trustum

I find the P&C a really good way to bridge the gap between my kids and the teachers

- Crystal Cox

...insight from the Principal... a lot of satisfaction...

                                                                               - Jackie Floro

I enjoy the level of the conversations I have at Council, but also the ability to impact schools for the whole of the ACT

                                                                              - Andrew Bidwell

...by participating in volunteer organisations, I meet interesting people...

                                                                              - Viv Pearce

The results of our member survey are also instructive when it come to volunteers

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