Why I volunteer

We're so grateful to the wonderful people who give up their time to keep P&Cs and Council thriving. But why do they do it?

Understanding that can help you recruit - and keep - your own workforce of helpers.

We are very grateful to our Council delegates who volunteer from each school, as well as those who put up their hands as our volunteer Executive Committee members. Without you, there would be no Council!

Our executive committee volunteers:

PresidentAlison Elliott
Vice President: Kirsty McGovern-Hooley, Liane Joubert.
Secretary: Paul Buckley
Treasurer: Kirsty McGovern-Hooley
Committee:  Sharon DingSarah Everingham, Daniel Hughes, Vivienne Pearce OAM, Jayne TrustumTaymore Tabbah

We asked some P&C and Council volunteers why they do it - click through to hear more!

I realised there was a network of support around the school.

                                                                        - Joanna Montague

 When you see the kids reading the readers you fundraised for, or using the seats and play equipment that the P&C donated, it’s all worth it!

                                                                     - Olivia Wenholz

...making the school the best education experience possible...

                                                                     - Liane Joubert

It's very rewarding.

                                                                     - Taymore Tabbah

... the many great friendships I have made, the wonderful feeling you get watching the students enjoying the events we run...
                                                                      - Sarah Everingham

I hope my role in Council helps all ACT students to emerge from the pandemic in a safe, positive and supported way. 
                                                                    - Siaan Ansori

 I wanted to help make sure that kids in public schools got the best possible education
                                                                     - Paul Buckley

At the P&C we are able to share experiences as parents, and I have made some very good friends
                                                                      - Norma Yap

put simply, I do it for my kids
                                                                    - David Pollard

 meeting so many great people and being more engaged with the school
                                                                   - Alison Elliott

The response of the kids is the greatest reward for the time you put in.
                                                                  - Jayne Trustum

I believe it sets a good example to my child...
                                                                  - Cecilia Shlegel

What I did there [at P&C] helped me to get back into the workforce.
                                                                 - Kirsty McGovern-Hooley

It’s great to be part of that progressive education movement... you can see that you’re making progress.
                                                                - Sharon Ding

It’s so important that communities have a voice and you can only do that if you have an organised group.
                                                              - Bonnie Roppola

I find the P&C a really good way to bridge the gap between my kids and the teachers
                                                                  - Crystal Cox

...insight from the Principal... a lot of satisfaction...
                                                                 - Jackie Floro

When changes are being made, you get a great sense of satisfaction...
                                                                -  Jane Koitka

I enjoy the level of the conversations I have at Council, but also the ability to impact schools for the whole of the ACT
                                                               - Andrew Bidwell

...by participating in volunteer organisations, I meet interesting people...
                                                                - Viv Pearce

I get to know the teachers and the kids and watch them grow. Parents come and have a chat and a cuppa. That’s all the thanks I need
                                                                 - Bev Crittall

If your P&C is wondering how to attract and retain more volunteers, check out these resources.