Council delegates

Council is a truly grass-roots organisation. Each public school parent association elects a delegate or two and this forms Council.

team spirit Anemone123 PixabayThe Role of the Council Delegate

Delegates relay information between Council and individual parent associations (P&Cs).  They allow your association to keep your school community informed of what is happening in public education.  They also keep us fully informed about parent views in the ACT so we can effectively advocate for parents to government. This way, we can be the parent voice and create change!

More than one person from your association may act as a delegate and attend Council meetings.

What does the Council Delegate do?

Attend Council Meetings

Delegates need to attend Council meetings. At these meetings they report issues raised by their community and gather information to report back. Council meetings include a range of announcements and new information of interest to parents and P&Cs which delegates can pass on to the benefit of their Association. See more about our meetings.

Raise issues with Council

Delegates need to gather issues from their school community and raise them with us for possible action. We suggest that a standing item on your P&C agenda should be created so that parents can bring concerns for delegates to pass on. Read more about how we act on concerns and some recent changes we have brought about. 

Gather information for Submissions and Policy Consultations

Delegates may also assist in gathering information for writing submissions or commenting on government policies.

Tips for Council Delegates

  • Make sure there is time allocated at your P&C meetings to ask members what issues they would like to raise at the next Council meeting and time to report back on what happened at the last.
  • It may help to share the load an appoint a second alternate delegate who can attend meetings when you are unable.

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