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Drop in/Q&A sessions

Term 2 Q&A Drop in SessionTerm2 DropIn

Got questions about running your P&C?

Drop in anytime between 1:00 & 2:00pm, Friday June 3 to ask questions, or simply eavesdrop!

No question too large or too small.

Our knowledgable staff will be there with some answers!

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Training sessions

In 2022, we are offering the following training sessions:

Growing your P&C - how to make your association thrive

P&C Operations & Fundraising -  the nitty-gritty of making decisions, running meetings and events, plus raising and spending funds!

Employing staff and running Canteens 

Treasurers' and Insurance Workshop

P&C Constitution workshop

Financial Review training

Grant Writing workshop

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Growing your P&C

Everything you need to know to help your P&C thrive!
We'll cover:

  • Know where you are headed: shared goals (aka 'What is our P&C for?!?')
  • Communicating well
  • Managing volunteers
  • Tips to attract and retain more volunteers
  • Working with the school
  • Doing it all legally!

Where? When?
It's online (via Zoom) 7-8pm on Tuesday 3 May (Term 2, Week 2). Register here!

P&C Operations & Fundraising

The nitty-gritty of making decisions, running meetings and events, plus raising and spending funds!
We'll cover:

  • Office bearer roles
  • Running meetings well including handling difficult people and the role of the Principal
  • Financial controls
  • Events and COVID requirements
  • Raising funds
  • Funding gifts and projects for the school

Where? When?
It's online (via Zoom) 7-8pm on Wednesday 4 May (Term 2, Week 2). Register here!

P&Cs as employers and canteen providers 

For P&Cs which run small businesses such as canteens, there are always questions about employing staff and meeting your regulatory and legal obligations. This workshop focuses on this important area. 
Plus! Guest speaker on the ACT Ban of single-use plastics.
The session covers:

  • The P&C as an employer and the social enterprise model
  • Management by subcommittees and accountability
  • Employment issues, contracts, awards, regulations and safety
  • P&C school canteens - tips and resources for success.
  • Waste management and the ban of single-use plastics.

Where? When?
We are not currently planning to run this session in 2022, but will do if there is demand - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express your interest.

Treasurers' and Insurance Workshop

Learn all about the treasurer role and understand insurance at this informative workshop. Experienced P&C treasurers and Council staff will be there to provide information, answer questions and discuss any concerns about your P&C finances. Essential for all treasurere. The workshop covers:

  • basics of the treasurer role, record keeping and handling monies
  • resources available to parent association treasurers
  • legal and tax requirements, annual reports and audits
  • financial controls
  • accounting for P&C committees, such as canteens
  • what your insurance covers and what is not covered
  • risk assessment and valuing property
  • how to complete and submit the insurance paperwork.

Where? When?
It's online (via Zoom) 7-9pm on Thursday 12 May (Term 2, Week 3). Register here!

P&C Constitution workshop

Your P&C's constitution is an important document and should guide the operation of your P&C. However, many committees find that their constitution is out of date, no longer reflects current practice and may not comply with the model structure.

This hands-on workshop is designed to help P&Cs review, rewrite or amend their constitutions. We will look at the Model rules for ACT association constitutions, the ACT Associations Incorporations Act, Council’s sample constitution for P&Cs and the process of passing an amended constitution through your P&C.

Attendees will be provided with the Access Canberra Change of Rules Form for amending constitutions and we will work through the specific content and wording required in your P&C constitution. We will also consider By Laws.

Workshop participants can bring their own P&C constitution to the workshop to work through (for a virtual meeting, feel free to send it through to us before the session).

P&C presidents and secretaries should attend but any P&C member is welcome.

Where? When?
It's on 7-9pm on Tuesday 7 June (Term 2, Week 7). Register here!

Grant Writing Workshop  

This hands-on workshop will help you win grants to fund P&C projects. We'll cover:

  • available grants and how to find them
  • what grants can and can't be used for
  • considerations when apply for and using grants
  • writing a great application, including samples of successful and unsuccessful applications
  • acquittal of funds and your obligations.

P&C presidents, secretaries, treasurers and fundraising co-ordinators should attend but any P&C member is welcome.

Where? When?
Online Tuesday Ocvtober 11 (Week 1, Term 4), 7-8:30pm.

 Financial Review Training

This workshop will help treasurers prepare their accounts for a Financial Review, which is a legal requirement for all P&Cs. We'll show you what it's all about and what you'll need to gather together for your review as well as who can do it and managing the timing.

In response to difficulties in finding an affordable auditor/reviewer, we can also facilitate a 'Book Swap' for small P&Cs (gross receipts less than $400,000 pa) whereby two treasurers review each other's books to avoid paying for expensive auditors. 

The resources from this training session are available for you to use.

Where? When?
It's online (via Zoom) 7-9pm on Thursday 20 October (Term 4, Week 2). Register here!