Creating change

There are many recent examples of Council responding to concerns and representing parents to bringing about change. A few examples:

  • by taking parent concerns about violence in schools repeatedly to the Education Directorate, we were able to drive the creation of a joint project with them aimed at reducing and better managing violence in schools. This work is ongoing and we expect changes to be implemented in schools.
  • improvements for school travel in the ACT's new Bus Network, compared to Transport Canberra's draft network.
  • Council successfully helped parents push for the expansion of year levels at Franklin Early Childhood School.
  • work from one P&C championed by Council resulted in school crossing supervisors to keep our kids safe around a growing number of schools
  • our ongoing lobbying for traffic improvements around schools led to pilot programs being established, then the establishment of the Active Streets program which is working closely with a growing umber of schools to reduce traffic problems. This was one of our 2016 ACT election priorities
  • initiating a major project to help school canteens in response to ongoing concerns from delegates about their financial viability
  • working with the Education Directorate and bus companies to ensure drivers of special transport services receive disability awareness training
  • successfully lobbying 2016 ACT election candidates to promise substantially increased funds for improving school buildings
  • responding to frustrations about the dispersed nature of information on disability services by collating a comprehensive booklet of ACT services (our work in this area won us this award)
  • successfully lobbying the ACT Education Minister to look more carefully at applications for new private schools which affect public school enrolments
  • parent representatives on the ACT Taskforce on Students with Learning Difficulties pushed for parent information sessions to be part of the group's recommendations to ETD. These free information sessions to assist parents with their child's learning difficulty proved popular with parents

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