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The sessions are free and refreshments are provided.

Effective P&C workshop

This workshop is designed to help school P&C members to get to grips with their role and ways to improve the way their association works. New school parents, new P&C members and existing P&C officers should find this program of great benefit.

The workshop is divided into four 40-minute modules, each focusing on a different area of effective P&C management, as detailed below. Participants are welcome to attend for any of the individual modules if they prefer. There will be discussion time in each module for any questions.

"Glad I attended: informative, relevant." 

Module 1: Who, How and Why of your P&C and Council

This session looks at the parent-school partnership, the role of your P&C, what the P&C Council does and how P&Cs and Council interact to raise parent voices in the community.

Module 2: The structure and function of your P&C

This session focuses on how your P&C should be set up (including your constitution), the roles of your executive committee (president, secretary, treasurer etc.) and sub-committees. We also look at some important points on finances, aspects of running complex services (such as a canteen) and being an employer.

Module 3: Improving meetings

This session focuses on running useful meetings, your AGM, voting rights and privacy considerations.

Module 4: Communications, recruiting support and fundraising

This session provides ideas about recruiting volunteers, getting your message out to parents and ways of raising funds.

"The whole afternoon was well run and very informative and helpful. I will look at applying some of the ideas ... in our own P&C."

Dates and venues for 2020:

  • Thursday 7 May, 6:30-9pm, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Stirling. 
  • Tuesday 19 May, 6:30-9pm, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Stirling (repeat). 

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Treasurers' and Insurance Workshop

This is a great opportunity for new and current P&C treasurers to ask questions about any aspect of their role and tasks. Experienced P&C treasurers and Council’s own accountant will be there to provide information, answer questions, discuss any concerns you may have about your P&C finances, record keeping, annual reporting, audits, insurance, handling monies, affiliation fees, taxation status, staff employment including the new one-touch payroll system, fund-raising, reporting by sub-committees and so on.

This workshop also provides an overview on insurance packages available for Parents and Citizens Associations and how to complete the paperwork. We recommend that all Treasurers and Presidents attend as it will help Associations avoid errors including overpayments. It also provides an excellent opportunity to ask questions of the brokers’ representatives.

Topics include risk assessment and management,  valuing property, liability limits, council insurance policy cover, completing declaration forms, and paying invoices.

Dates and venues for 2020:

  • Thursday 28 May, 7-9:30pm, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Stirling. 

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P&C Constitution workshop

Your P&C's constitution is an important document and should guide the operation of your P&C. However, many committees find that their constitution is out of date, no longer reflects current practice and may not comply with the model structure.

This hands-on workshop is designed to help P&Cs review, rewrite or amend their constitutions. We will look at the Model rules for ACT association constitutions, the ACT Associations Incorporations Act, Council’s sample constitution for P&Cs and the process of passing an amended constitution through your P&C.

Attendees will be provided with the Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) Change of Rules Form for amending constitutions and we will work through the specific content and wording required in your P&C constitution. We will also consider By Laws.

Workshop participants should bring their own P&C constitution to the workshop to work through.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided, along with reference materials.

P&C presidents and secretaries should attend but any P&C member is welcome.

Dates and venues for 2020:

  • Thursday 30 June, 7-9:30pm, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Stirling. 

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 Financial Review Training

Council has been working on ways to help P&C Treasurers find suitable people to review their accounts at the end of the year that do not charge excessive fees.

We have now developed a short workshop on how to review the finances of a small P&C (less than 400,000 total revenue). The aim is to train Treasurers from small P&Cs to do a professional review for a small P&C.  Treasurers in the same local region could then audit each other’s accounts and avoid having to pay for expensive auditors.

The workshop includes an overview of the process, a checklist for financial reviewers and sample documents and letters.

The resources from this training session are available for you to use.

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