Help with your annual audit

At the end of each financial year, P&C treasurers must have their financial records looked-over by an auditor. Here are some resources to help with this process.

Book swap - an alternative to paying for an auditor!

Council is facilitating a 'book swap' scheme for small P&Cs (gross receipts less than $400,000 pa; fewer than 1000 members; no liquor licence) whereby two treasurers audit each other's books to avoid paying for expensive auditors. We provide training to show treasurers how to do a minimal audit of the P&C's accounts with whom they have 'swapped' books. If you'd like to be involved and be put in contact with treasurers to swap with, simply contact us.

Resources for P&Cs doing a 'book swap' (acting as an auditor for a small P&C):