Getting startedResources quote

Top Tips -  our key advice for P&C office bearers in just 6 points!

Annual P&C To Do list  - contains essential tasks for parent associations throughout the year.

Information sheets - comprehensive set of fact sheets with good ideas and answers to most questions on running your parent association.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Reporting to government - a legal obligation for parent associations is to report to government each year. 

Further resources

Don't re-invent the wheel! - Templates, samples & pro-formas to help you

promote your Parent Association and attract volunteers
run good meetings
thank your volunteers
handover to the next committee
templates for treasurers
sample constitution other important documents

Finances & fundraising (including grants)

Overcoming difficulties. Have things become difficult for your P&C? Perhaps we can help.

Running Information Forums for parents at your school. Many P&Cs are now facilitiating useful sessions for their school communities on topics of interest to parents (for example cybersafety, teen sexual health, positive body image). We have compiled a list of topics and possible speakers.

Publications. Our fortnightly ebulletin ('Council Communicator') and quarterly magazine (ParentACTion) keep you up to date. A template page for school newsletters makes it easier for you to cut and paste items from Council Communicator to share in your own school newsletter under the Council banner if you wish.

Legal advice

Can't find the help you need here? Please contact us to see if we can assist.