About Us

We are the peak body for parent associations in ACT public schools. We represent over 60,000 parents in 89 schools and assist our member associations.

The parent voice

We have been representing parent and community views on public education to Government since 1954. We do this through:

  • communicating with decision makers and contributing to policy development
  • consulting with public school parent and community groups to identify issues and ideas for improving public education

For more information see Parent Voice.

Helping P&Cs

We also offer help, resources and training for Parent and Citizen Associations (P&Cs), Preschool Parent Assocaitions (PPAs) and other similar parent bodies in public schools and their volunteers so that these organisations can run smoothly.

Membership and affiliation

Our members are representatives from parent associations across the ACT (see Membership). We welcome all parents, carers and community members with an interest in improving public education to join our activities.  Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month during school terms. See our events calendar for the details.

Council is affiliated with The Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) who advocate for parents at the federal level.

More about us

Check our FAQ or this Information Sheet to find out more about us.

Registered Charity Tick

You can peruse our current policy document which details the views of Council on a wide range of educational issues.

Alternatively, read the latest Annual Report to see what we got up to last year, or take a look at our constitution (and By Laws) or our current strategic plan.

Our executive:

President: Kirsty McGovern-Hooley

Vice Presidents: Andrew Bidwell

Secretary: Cecilia Shlegel

Treasurer: Crystal Cox

Committee: Sharon Ding, Vivienne Pearce, Jayne Trustum, Jane Koitka, Bonnie Roppola, Robie McKenzie.

Find mnore about our volunteers in our 'Why I Volunteer' series.

Our office

Executive officer: Terry Sanders

Policy officer: Veronica Elliott

Communications officer: Janelle Kennard

Early Learning officer: Marina Spurgin

Executive assistant: Melissa Lee

Contact details.