Transition to School

Supporting preschool and kindergarten children through their early education transitions helps them to become secure, confident learners, ready to engage with educators and peers.

Why preparation for school is important

Starting school is an important milestone for children and families. With new routines and new people to meet, new classrooms, and spaces to navigate. For families, there are practical matters like uniforms, lunch boxes, teachers' names and school rules and policies. Wellbeing is so important too, from feeling a little nervous to very anxious, worrying about making friends or finding your way around. Parents and schools collaborate well before the first day to support children and families preparing for school.

Preparation is key to happy transitions -
think friendships, positivity, visits or virtual tours,
and reading with children, books about starting school.

Transition to School – Parent Forum

Council's annual Transition to School Parent Forum provides practical tips to help plan and prepare for school. The 2021 Forum webinar (35 min) is presented by Council with the following speakers:

  • Dr Kathryn Hopps, Adjunct Research Fellow, Charles Sturt University, and BeYou Consultant Early Childhood Australia
  • Michele Foley and Linda Francis, ACT Education Directorate

Top Tips & Links

See Kathryn's Top Tips for getting ready for school, and download this extensive parent and carer reference guide - including a list of Books to Read with your child about starting school. 

This is a great clip to watch with your child - school children telling other children what a day at Kindergarten might look like. Watching this together will help start conversations about what may happen at preschool or school. 

STARTING SCHOOL OR PRESCHOOL WEBINAR TIPS FOR STARTING PRESCHOOL OR SCHOOL:  Dr Kathryn Hopps, Adjunct Research Fellow, Charles Sturt University, BeYou Consultant ECA Michele Foley, ACT Education Directorate Linda Francis, ACT Education Directorate