Transition to School

Schools and parents collaborate to support preschool and kindergarten children as they adjust to changes in early education. A supportive transition to school helps children to become secure, confident learners, ready to engage with educators and peers.

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Starting school is a big change for children and families. Long before the first day of school, teachers and parents collaborate to support children as they prepare for starting school. 

Preparation is key to happy transitions,
think friendships, positivity and personal stories, school visits, or virtual tours, and reading books about starting school with your child...

Council's annual 'Transition to School' parent webinar is all about preparing for starting preschool or kindergarten, with speakers from the ACT Education Directorate and transition researcher Dr Kathryn Hopps. Access the 2023 recording here.
'I found the seminar content very relevant, concise and useful... I really enjoyed the session, it was very informative'.  

We’ve asked parents and teachers about preparing children for starting preschool or kindy. A child’s previous care experiences can impact how families prepare (in-home care, childcare centre, relatives, or playgroups). Parents tell us they have found it useful to do some of the following:

  • Walk past the school with your child and talk about what they can see,
  • download the Directorate's resource 'preschool pathways',
  • register for the school's orientation day (Sep-Oct),
  • download Council's parent contact guide
  • make an appointment to visit the school with your child,
  • look up the school website,
  • join or follow the school parent association via 'Community' on the school website,
  • subscribe to the school newsletter,
  • look at pictures of the school,
  • use Council's guide to books about starting school, (making friends and big emotions),
  • talk positively about your own school experiences with your child,
  • organise a playdate with other students - ask the school or P&C,
  • learn about play and play-based learning,