We put our members at the centre of everything we do.

Public school parent associations

All public school P&C Associations and Preschool Parent Associations are affiliated members of Council.

Helping P&Cs thrive!

We provide members  with the tools and skills they need to run thriving P&Cs.

We connect our members, through our representative work, with decision-makers in government.

And we connect members with each other, to share skills, ideas and inspiration.

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Individuals can also join Council. You do not need to be a member of a Parent Association. Anyone who has an interest in improving public education is welcome. Please contact us to talk about becoming involved.

Related organisations - associate membership

Council also accepts associate membership. This is open to any organisation consisting of parents and citizens which represents or is involved in the educational interests of students. For more information, or if you would like to become an associate member, contact us.

Life members

Life membership is bestowed on individuals to recognise outstanding and long-term contributions to ACT Public Education, Parent Associations and Council.