Information for Parents and Carers

Preschools in the ACT

In ACT public schools, children who turn four on or before 30 April can start preschool that year (15 hours per week). Children turning four after 30 April, can start preschool the following year. Early entry to preschool is available through the Education Directorate's early entry criteria for eligible families. For details about where you can enrol in preschool, and how to enrol in preschool, as well as early childhood education and care (ECEC) service providers, see the ACT Education Directorate starting preschool website. 

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  • Transition to School Guide to starting school/preschool.

When parents and families engage with their children's learning and school activities, there are important benefits for learning and wellbeing. Parent associations provide a range of options for families to get involved and engage with their child's education. They also provide a forum for parents and families to comment on the details of school life.  

P&C associations may have an early learning parent representative, talk to your school parent association for further information or contact Council. 
Council's Early Learning Officer is Marina Spurgin. Contact Marina for details about your school's representative.