Council has provided a detailed submission to the ACT Government 2024/25 budget consultation, based on responses received via our election survey and general feedback from members.

Welcome to 2024 - a busy year ahead.

It is an honor to be the President of the ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations.

It’s been a pleasure and very rewarding experience to serve as Council president over the last three years.

What can a P&C do to adapt when parents face genuine time constraints and limitations on participation? Focus on the community and adjust commitments according to capacity. 

Frances Stewart is Vice President of the P&C at Southern Cross Early Childhood School in Scullin. She is also Council’s new communications officer.

How do you come together as a school community to celebrate a milestone birthday, have some fun and raise some money for your P&C all at the same time? Think of a theme, get the school on board and run with it!

Olivia Wenholz has been P&C President at Harrison School for three years. We asked her why she volunteers her time.

Joanna Montague is the P&C Secretary at Gilmore Primary. We asked her why she volunteers her time. 

Curtin Primary P&C runs informal get-togethers for early learning families, with wide ranging benefits for strengthening the school community. Marina Spurgin, Council’s Early Learning Officer, had a chat with the Curtin P&C team about their work to build early years community connections. 

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