Early Learning - Information for P&Cs

Parents and carers of preschool or kindy children are highly engaged during the early years of schooling. P&Cs can help new caregivers and families engage with school by recruiting an Early Years Parent Representative to the committee.

Council encourages P&Cs to include a preschool-kindy parent representative on their committee (or create a subcommittee of the P&C if the community are especially keen!). The role supports family involvement and engagement at school in the early years.

For guidelines on what this role might do, download the P&C 'preschool/kinder parent rep' role description template or, come along to our next online early learning meeting for assistance, information, and to talk with other parent representatives.

We know parents often look for ways to connect with the school and other families before the start of term. For first-time parents or relocated families, this can seem especially daunting. School P&Cs provide a friendly point of contact for new parents seeking to familiarise themselves with the new community.  

P&Cs can also:  

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Early Learning Committee

This committee supports parents of young learners to have a role in their child’s early education and school community. The committee meets to raise issues, share expertise, and provide feedback. 

Who can attend?

Early Learning Parent Representatives (ie Primary school P&C volunteers) and all parents/carers of children attending public preschools or junior primary are welcome.

Meetings: usually online, week 5 of term, next meeting: Thursday, March 2, 7.30-8.30pm.  Register here to join.

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