Early Learning - Information for P&Cs

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Parents and carers of preschool or kindy children are often highly engaged with their child's education. P&Cs can support parents through the early school years by inviting Early Years Parents to engage with the P&C community. 

Early years parents seeking ways to connect with their school, P&C, or other families will appreciate the facilitating role of P&Cs. Building school connections can seem especially daunting for first-time parents, single parents or relocated families. P&Cs help provide a friendly point of contact for new school parents with young children.  

Council encourages P&Cs to include a committee role for an early years parent representative. Download the 'EL parent rep' role description template for ideas of what this role might do at your P&C. 

P&Cs can also:  

Early Learning Committee

Council's Early Learning Subcommittee meets once per term and supports parents to have a role in their child’s early education and school community. The committee meets to promote parent engagement in early years learning, raise issues and share expertise. 

Who can attend?

If you're a parent or carer with an interest in parent engagement and early years public education, or a P&C parent, you're welcome to attend. Meetings are usually held online, during week 5 of each term. Our next meeting is Thursday, Aug 17, 7.30-8.30pm. Please Register here to receive a link (and reminder) to join the meeting

Previous meeting minutes are summarised here: ELSC minute summaries

P&Cs can share their stories and expertise '...at our P&C'    

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