Early Learning - Information for P&Cs

NEW 2024-25 for P&Cs/PPAs: plan the year's communications with this pre-filled EL content planner 

Preschool and kindy parents are often highly engaged with their child's education or are seeking ways to do so. P&Cs can support parents in the early school years through welcoming gestures and regular invitations to learn more or ask questions. 

Parent associations play a key role connecting early years parents with their school community. Those first school connections can seem especially daunting for new parents and relocated families. P&Cs provide a friendly point of contact for families to connect with other families.  

Council encourages P&Cs/PPAs to promote a role for early years parents on the committee to be a voice for parents of young children. Download the 'EL parent rep' role description template for ideas on defining this role. 2023 06 Reference Guide Preschool Parents

Other ways for associations to engage new families include:  

  • Share this parent resource 'EL reference guide' with the new parent community,
  • Seek Council assistance with communications like flyers, brochures, or social media,
  • Apply for grants to create a family 'welcome' kit' or activities for engaging new families,
  • Download a pre-designed invitation for volunteers,
  • Provide multi-lingual resources for new parents like this one: 'why PLAY is important for health and brain development'
    Arabic (PDF: 395kb), Dari (PDF: 398kb), Dinka (PDF: 308kb), Hakha Chin (PDF: 301kb), Karen (PDF: 216kb), Persian (PDF: 197kb), Simplified Chinese (PDF: 329kb), Swahili (PDF: 304kb), Tamil (PDF: 705kb), Vietnamese (PDF: 322kb)

Early Learning Parent Forums

Council will run a series of online parent forums with guest speakers in 2024 including 'Play & brain development' and 'Transition to School'.  For notifications please join Council's early learning This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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