Why I volunteer - Taymore Tabbah

Kaleen Primary School P&C Volunteer & Council Executive Member

ITaymoreTabbah2022Exec volunteered at my P&C because I wanted to be involved with what was happening at our school. The principal has great ideas for events, the kids love it and we’re really quite good at it! Lots of parents turn up and chip in when help is needed – there’s a great willingness to help - and I get a real buzz from that. Events like our Fun Run raise a lot of money! Then we can buy wonderful things for the kids. It’s very rewarding.

When my oldest started preschool, a lot of that cohort of parents all got involved together. So, it wasn’t exactly peer pressure, but it was nice to all get involved together and get to know parents of kids in the same class as mine. It’s important to feel comfortable at school and being involved in the P&C has added to the sense of community.

I got involved with Council because I thought it was important for our school to be represented at the Territory level. One of my children is neurodivergent and our school has been excellent in supporting their needs and I wondered, are other schools? We wanted to make sure that this great support exists for other kids in the ACT. It is interesting to step back and hear what is happening across the system.

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