Why I volunteer - Cecilia Shlegel

Cecilia Schlegel: Council Secretary and previously Bonython Primary’s P&C President

CeciliaShlegel2018 2cropI started volunteering at the P&C because I believe it sets a good example to my child. What makes me stay on as a volunteer is the real sense of satisfaction I get from giving my time to something beneficial to the community. Also the people you meet, linking up with like-minded people, that makes me come back for more.

I volunteer here at Council because in that way we have influence at a higher level. A particular issue might pop up at different schools and each could come up with a solution, but there is more influence to solve the problem well across this higher level. Working with Council I’ve seen slow and steady progress, grinding away at making things better in our schools. We’ve seen good policy changes in relation to canteens and more transparency from the Education Directorate, for example, on how they allocate funds and resources or how they plan for new schools. 


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