Why I Volunteer - Joanna Montague

Joanna Montague is the P&C Secretary at Gilmore Primary. We asked her why she volunteers her time. 

JOannaM MothersDayStall2023 CROPI started volunteering because my eldest started preschool during the pandemic so I didn’t get much chance to see how the school worked. Being on the P&C meant I soon knew who people were and understood the school better. 

I just do what I can when I can. 

I work – and that has to come first - so I’ve found low-key ways of helping. I do most of it at home, an hour here or there when I can. But everyone pitches in. 

I really like being part of the P&C, having a common cause to work towards, seeing the benefits we bring to the school, creating a sense of community.  

I think most people have a skill they could bring to the P&C. For me, I thought my organisation skills would be helpful, so I offered to be secretary. 

And what was her best P&C moment so far?  

Well, it sounds a bit silly, but it was organising the donations for the Christmas raffle. I asked businesses personally if they could help. It was so wonderful to see how happy they were to donate and to help the school. I realised there was a network of support around the school. 


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