Why I volunteer - Alison Elliott

Alison Elliott - Council President, and Macgregor Primary School P&C.

AlisonElliottSmI became P&C President at Macgregor Primary because I wanted to work with the school to bring about positive change, especially around culture, behaviour management and community engagement. I became involved in P&C Council through the violence and bullying workshops and complaints management workshops. I really enjoy being involved at this higher level – at the level of government, so I decided to join the P&C Council Executive. I am particularly interested in safety and wellbeing in schools, physical and mental. 

The great thing about joining the P&C is meeting so many great people and being more engaged with the school. I am not from Canberra originally and it’s hard to meet people here, but I have made a lot of friends through my involvement with the P&C. I have met parents who I would not normally have crossed paths with, because their children are in different years to mine, but through the P&C we have formed some great friendships.

As P&C Council President I will lead the Executive team to continue the good work with the Education Directorate and Education Minister around improving parent engagement, behaviour and wellbeing in schools, and to ensure all students have a safe and happy experience during their formative years.


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