Why I volunteer - Sarah Everingham

Gordon Primary School P&C President & Council Executive Member

SarahEveringhamExec2022I knew when my eldest son started preschool that I wanted to be involved. My Dad was chair of the school board at my primary school and my parents both volunteered their time to help out around school.

After being on the Preschool Parent Association twice as Secretary I was convinced by a friend to check out what was happening at the primary school P&C. I started out helping in the uniform shop and with fundraising events and became President the next year.

I believe volunteering my time and being a part of the P&C sets a great example for my kids. I have continued volunteering because of the many great friendships I have made, the wonderful feeling you get watching the students enjoying the events we run, and the many benefits of being more engaged with our school executive and staff.

I volunteer at Council because I value public education and we have the ability to influence the public school system to benefit all students and families across Canberra. I am keen to continue learning more about what is happening across our schools and to help advocate for the needs of all students.  

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