Why I Volunteer - Liane Joubert

Cranleigh School P&C Volunteer & Council Vice-President

LianeJoubert 2023 VicePresFor me, joining the P&C was all about how to make school the best education experience possible. The P&C is a great way to support the school. Also, being an ex-teacher myself, I wanted to help build connections between teachers and parents – because that is just so valuable!  

Because ours is a specialist school, our P&C has also focused on building connections between parents, making it a safe environment to share their daily lives and challenges, to meet people in the same boat. The P&C brings like-minded people together so that we can all lift each other up. It’s been such fun sharing in each other’s journeys.  

I’ve also got involved with Council, because of all the causes they champion, particularly, for me, around disability education. To see positive changes being made in schools, to make sure everyone's voice is being heard – being on the Council Executive makes this possible. I’d recommend it to anyone with a passion for our schools. 


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