Why I volunteer - Norma Yap

Normal Yap – Council Executive Member and delegate from Harrison School 

I joined my school’s P&C because I was new to the school – and the country. I wanted to be able to meet new people.NormaYapSM

At the P&C we are able to share experiences as parents, and I have made some very good friends. I’m very grateful for that. Without the P&C, that would have been hard in such a big school. 

I wanted to help out, so I took the role of delegate to Council in 2018. I just really like working with you all! It also gives me a chance to see things from a wider perspective and to get to know how the school system works. Since I didn’t go to school here, that is important to me.

By being part of Council, I feel like I am contributing to the children’s education. 

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