Council is coordinating a week of celebrating our school communities. We have lots of fun ideas, so make sure your school is part of it

Keeping canteens financially viable while serving healthy food is a challenge for many schools. Luckily, Council is here to help.


With last year's NAPLAN results due to be publicly released on the My School website this week, the ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations is reminding parents to view the results with caution.

School NAPLAN results for 2013 are due to be made publicly available on the government's MySchool website on March 6, 2014. At this time, there is usually interest from the community in the achievements and performance of individual schools and newspapers often report on school rankings based on data from the website.

The ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations welcomes the announcement today of the phase-out of sugary drinks in schools and the installation, instead, of water bottle re-fill stations.

On Friday, the ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations will proudly launch its School Canteen Improvement Project, which will help save canteens in danger of going out of business. The project saves canteens time and money while delivering a better, and healthier, service.

Last night the ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations was awarded the overall Award for Excellence in the ACT Chief Minister's Inclusions Awards. Council also took out the Education and Training section of the awards, which recognise businesses, organisations and individuals which have excelled in encouraging, welcoming and supporting people with a disability in their community.

The Executive Committee

School P&C Associations appoint an executive committee at their Annual General Meeting (AGM) who are responsible for running the various components of the P&C. Generally, an executive committee consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, public officer and P&C delegate to Council. These positions are generally referred to as Office Bearers however some may also be known as the Executive Members or Board Members.


  • provides leadership
  • chairs all general and executive committee meetings of the association.
  • acts as a spokesperson for the association
  • reports to Parents and Citizens Association meetings about the activities of the P&C
  • supervises the functions of other office bearers
  • ensures adequate and efficient communication exists between the members of the association and the members of the school board
  • encouraging parents to participate.

Vice President

  • Steps into the role of the President should they be unavailable and undertakes tasks to reduce the workload of the President.

The Vice President needs to:

  • be familiar with the operation of the P&C
  • be acquainted with the duties of President
  • understand meeting rules and procedure


  • draws up, in consultation with President, the meeting agendas
  • keeps full and correct Minutes of the P&C’s proceedings
  • acts upon decisions as directed by the meeting
  • attends to the correspondence of the association
  • looks after the association's documents
  • maintains a register of financial and ex-officio members if applicable.


  • responsible for all funds received and expended by the association
  • prepares regular reports to P&C meetings
  • holds ultimate responsibility for all funds, including all subcommittee accounts.

Council Delegate

  • relays information between Council and your P&C and community
  • represents the views of your school community and P&C to Council
  • reports back to the P&C association from Council meetings
  • gathers information for policy submissions.

See more about the role of Council Delegate

The Public Officer

  • Is the point of contact between the association and the ACT Registrar General’s office.
  • Must be a resident of the ACT and over 18 years of age.


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