Parents worried by cuts to public education

The ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations is disappointed and worried by the long-term cuts to education announced in last night’s federal budget.

“Last night we saw a new arrangement announced which will reduce school funding by $6 billion by 2024,” says Viv Pearce, Council President. “That is a loss of nearly 20% of federal funding for public schools.

“This flies in the face of all the expert calls for more resources for our schools. The federal government is letting our schools and our children down.”

“This is opposite direction to which funding needs to be heading.”

“Worse, because the cuts are to the money given to states for schools, the target of these cuts are public schools. It is not clear whether private schools, who instead receive direct federal funding, will also see cuts,” she said.

“Our public schools are where we see the greatest need, the highest levels of disadvantage and a disproportionate majority of students with special needs. This is where the need is greatest for more resources. Instead, the budget shows cuts from public schools only.”

“We continue to call upon the Government to deliver targeted funding based on need, to put the more resources where they are needed most.”


Released Wednesday May 12, 2014.