Promoting your P&C & attracting volunteers

Encourage parents to get involved and attract new volunteers with these ideas & resources.

See our Top 10 Tips for more volunteers!

How to...

Plan for more volunteers - step by step guide for getting the volunteers you need & looking after them!
Attract volunteers!
 -  Top Tips for promoting your P&C so more people want to help
Understand volunteers - reasons people love - or leave - your P&C, so you know what to foster and what to avoid!
NEW!   Tell volunteer stories - Recruit more volunteers by harnessing the power of storytelling!
Include more people in your P&C

Information Sheet #10  - Growing your P&C
Information Sheet #11 -  Recruiting volunteers

Resources to help

  • P&C Promotion PackWrapper long   - professional, engaging graphics to call for volunteers, say thanks and celebrate your achievements

  • NEW!!  Template P&C Communications Plan (word doc). Great comms to parents at the school will help your P&C grow, and there's nothing like pausing to think and plan things out! Our template includes notes to guide you through using it.
  • Brochure about your P&C (include in the school's enrolment pack, hand out on the 'First Day' etc). Download a template, customise with your information, print double sided and fold!
    Two styles (click on pics for a better look, but use the links for the actual templates):
              word template WordBrochureThumbnail   Canva TemplateCanvaBrochureThumbnail(request template here).

  • Sample form for school enrolment packs to collect parent emails for the P&C (approved by the Directorate).

  • This Infographic celebrates the ways P&Cs contribute to public schools and can help inspire parents to be involved.

Inspiration from others

Reinventing the P&C for busy parents - from struggling committee to thriving association
How some P&Cs welcomed new parents to the school
and introduced the P&C at the same time
One P&C grew their ranks by focusing on fun
A 'Class Carer' system to increase parent involvement
More parents with "Fraser Friends"
Reinventing the P&C for High School
Live streaming meetings to grow the audience

More help

Thanking your volunteers will also help you retain and recruit helpers.
The Fundraising Directory also has great advice and ideas for recruiting volunteers (filter the articles by 'volunteers'), filling fete-day rosters, making the most of open days and the 'First Day' and engaging new-comers.



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