Promoting your P&C

Encourage parents to get involved and attract new volunteers using these resources.

  • Brochure about your P&C (to include in the school's enrolment pack, or hand out on the 'First Day' for example). It is designed to be printed double sided and then tri-folded. Download word file (to amenda for your P&C) or PDF (to show formating). Contact us for other formats.
  • Sample form for school enrolment packs to collect parent emails for the P&C (approved by the Directorate).

Our information sheets step you through the process of recruiting support.

#10 Growing your P&C
#11 Recruiting volunteers

Understand what makes people volunteer and what they like about it.

Check out our 'Why I volunteer' articles for a bit of insight that will help you recruit your own volunteers.

Read how one P&C grew their ranks

Thanking your volunteers will also help you retain and recruit helpers.

More help:

The Fundraising Directory also has great advice and ideas for recruiting volunteers (filter the articles by 'volunteers'), making the most of open days and the 'First Day' and engaging new-comers.



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