P&C Promotion Pack


Professionally designed graphics to easily call for volunteers, say thanks and celebrate your achievements in a fun, eye-catching, way!


Using the Promo Pack

The graphics will look great in your newsletter or an email, on a noticeboard or the monitor in your school’s foyer; and they are perfect for social media.

Use them to draw attention to your message - the words you include with or around the graphics can then call on people to respond as needed, and can help customise them for you situation. You could add your next meeting date, details of how your event went, your fundraising total or your current volunteer needs. Remember to be really clear with your intent and your call to action (what you want people to do next).

'Grab and Go' graphicscompositeimagePromoPack

Simply view and download the whole P&C Promo Pack (via OneDrive - use the download button at the top to download the folder, or right click on individual files).

Contains 27 ready-to-use graphics for your P&C.

If you want to be able to edit these... keep reading. 

Template files so you can edit and customise - currently unavailable.

Unfortunately, due to a change in Canva licensing we are unable to provide customisable templates at this point. We are investigating ways to solve this issue.

Because no two parent associations are the same, all the graphics above - and more! - are available as fully customise-able templates for Canva, an easy to use online graphics tool.

Celebrate 2 Header SMALL

Included are additional templates ready to take your own pics and text; plus a brochure introducing your P&C.

Access to the templates is FREE for our members (ACT public school parent associations) or for just $22 (incl GST) for non-members.

Just follow these 4 easy steps to receive all as Canva files so that you can edit and customise them to fit your P&C's events and needs perfectly:

1) Sign up for (free) Canva.


2) Fill in this form to request the templates

3) Look out for our email invitation and instructions to join Council's Canva team and access the templates (please allow 3 business days) - simply accept the invitation.
For non-members, you'll first need to pay the fee by direct debit - we will send you the details.

4) Make a copy of the templates and customise!


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