The P&C at Gold Creek School has been live streaming their meetings via Facebook for a  year – to a growing audience. We caught up with President David Pollard to learn more.

In November last year, Council recognised the life-long commitment that Vivienne Pearce has made to P&Cs and school education in the ACT by welcoming her to the select company of official Council Life Members.

Would you like to see changes in the way our schools work? Would you like your voice to be heard?

When Fresh Tastes was introduced at Fraser Primary School, it naturally evolved to cover more than one action area.

It may be news to some, but the Fresh Tastes program is probably already working in your school to promote healthy eating, writes Alana Devine from ACT Health.

Council is delighted that our busiest school crossings are now safer, with supervisors controlling them before and after school.

Launched at last month’s ‘Canteen Connect’ extravaganza, a range of new resources will help you market your canteen and its healthy food to your school community.

Since February this year, the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development and the Education Directorate have been talking to the Canberra community about what you want for the future of schools and education in the ACT. Coralie McAlister, from the Directorate, reports on progress.

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