With help from an ACT Government grant, Turner school parents, staff and students have created a wonderful garden space to learn, yarn and connect – to both Country and community.

Gordon Primary School P&C President & Council Executive Member

Kaleen Primary School P&C Vice President & Council Executive Member

Council is proud to be part of the RSEA - Relationships and Sexuality Education Alliance - which was launched late last year to advocate for comprehensive relationships and sexuality education. All parents are invited to be involved.

We’ve received many questions from member P&Cs about the important role school psychologists play. The Education Directorate’s Student Engagement team has supplied this explainer.

P&Cs are welcoming new families starting school — with a little help from Council and Children’s Week funding.

Council has used several formal opportunities this year to present to government a schools wish list which represents parents, carers and P&Cs.

Paul Buckley – Council Vice-President and Representative to ACSSO (Council’s federal counterpart).

Being awarded the ACT Council of Social Service’s Award for Ingenuity in Reconciliation is “wonderful encouragement” for Council.

As the ACT’s single-use-plastics ban comes into effect for a small number of plastic items, some P&Cs are going above and beyond the ban — reducing the plastics they use and pressuring manufacturers to follow suit.

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