Alison Elliott - Council President, and Macgregor Primary School P&C.

P&C Council is hosting an ACT-wide colouring-in competition for public school students!

NAIDOC Week is the perfect opportunity for your P&C to instigate or participate in some enlightening activities!

The P&C at Mount Stromlo High School has been focusing on informing parents and bringing them together.

The school fete is among the long list of cancelled events this year. While other events have been moving online, could that really work for a fete? Latham Primary School P&C decided to give it a try!

A much anticipated guide will step your P&C through running an effective canteen.

It is with sadness and gratitude that we pay tribute to Graeme Evans – Council Life Member, long-term P&C volunteer and champion of public education – who passed away in February.

Online meetings have become essential and, writes Council’s Marina Spurgin, there are some simple ways to make them more effective.

Cultural protocols are the customs or codes of behaviour of a cultural group and typically guide behaviour in different situations.


NEW member resources!
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