ACT Sustainable Cities Award to Hawker School

In the last edition of ParentACTion, Council discussed the issues surrounding the process in which the ACT Education Minister grants in-principal approval to new private schools.

In August 2012, the then ACT Education Minister, Chris Burke established a taskforce to consider education and support for ACT students with learning difficulties. Minister Joy Burch has continued to be supportive of the Taskforce and their findings.

Data mining in its various forms involves the collection of a user’s information, browsing history, or other statistical data to identify various patterns. The issue of data mining in the learning environment is a difficult and controversial one.

Prior to the ACT 2012 election, the then Education Minister Chris Burke established a High Level Ministerial Canteen Taskforce to prepare a report on how best to achieve the goals of improving and developing ACT public school canteens. Current Education Minister Joy Burch has continued to support the work of the Taskforce.

Australians will be heading to the polls on Saturday 7 September 2013 to decide who will lead our country for the next three years.

The Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI) and Planet Ark National Tree Day.

The ACT Budget was delivered on 4 June 2013 with mixed results for ACT government schools. Total expenditure on public education rises to $548.5m, an increase of 4% or $22.3m on the 2012-13 budget. which will represent an extra $22.3m in recurrent funding.

As the federal election draws ever nearer the issue of school funding and the recommendations coming from the Gonski review are starting to take centre stage.   In the first week of school holidays, as families were leaving for a much needed break, leaders from around Australia descended on Canberra to discuss the funding of education as part of the Council of Australian Governments.

Non-government schools in the ACT must be registered or provisionally registered under the Education Act 2004 (the Act). There are a number of flaws in the Act as it is currently constituted.

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