Fundraising is a massive topic, but we've compiled some resources to get you started and good articles to help.

Fundraising regulations

See our information sheet on licensing requirements for common fundraisers.
School-based P&C fundraisers involving food also come under the Education Directorate's Food and Drink Policy.

Keeping it Healthy

See this comprehensive guide with great ideas.HealthyFundraising

Fundraising ideas and resources

The Fundraising Directory has great resources. You can sign up for free email tips or join a growing Facebook community for ideas and advice.

We also have a couple of articles to help: 

Fetes and Fairs

The Fetes and Festivals site is really excellent. Their Fete in a Box has everything fete organisers could wish for.
Their template for seeking sponsors is handy.

We have a template to help you manage risks at your next event (word doc)   NEW!!

Here's an article to step you through promoting your big event.

Our article on making your big event low-waste may be of interest.
ACTsmart have free signage and bin lids so you can recycle at your events.

Sausage sizzles

The Fundraising Directory have a great Sausage Sizzle Guide.
Nutrition Australia and ACT Healthy have created Think Outside the Snag which looks at planning your sizzle, food safety and alternative foods to BBQ from chicken wraps to corn!SnagGuide
We have also found a healthier sausage so that your BBQ is not automatically a "red" food event.
See also this Food Safety Factsheet for schools.

Disadvantaged schools

Schools Plus has fundraising assistance for low-SES schools.