Keeping canteens financially viable while serving healthy food is a challenge for many schools. Luckily, Council is here to help.


School NAPLAN results for 2013 are due to be made publicly available on the government's MySchool website on March 6, 2014. At this time, there is usually interest from the community in the achievements and performance of individual schools and newspapers often report on school rankings based on data from the website.

At Council’s last Hot Topics meeting, attendees developed the idea of a ‘Week of School Community’ to be held in 2014.

Every ACT government school has a school board — a body where parents, carers, staff and students can participate in decision-making for their school.

Council President, Viv Pearce, spent some time at the Parliament of Youth in October. And she was impressed!

Everyone Everyday is the most comprehensive package for disability awareness programs available in Australia. The program contains explicit lesson plans for students from kindergarten to year six. The lessons do more than develop an understanding. Rather, they promote positive action to ensure members of the school community are welcoming and inclusive.

After years of hard work, Council has some great news on school canteens.

Join highly regarded educator David Price OBA in Canberra for this informative address at 1pm on Sunday December 8. His talk will highlight the challenges facing parents and educators in how to best prepare children for a future where we cannot predict what jobs will exist. Cost is $25.  More information and bookings.

Our workshops help you run your P&C even better!

They are FREE to our members.

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