Have your say – addressing school violence

The ACT Council of Parents and Citizen Associations, in partnership with the ACT Education Directorate, is calling on parents to have their say on ways to address violence in schools.

“Violence is a community problem, not just a school problem. This means a community approach is needed to find better ways to deal with violence, and that is what this project is about,” said Veronica Elliott, Policy Officer at the Council, which represents ACT public school parents.

The joint project, named Building Strong and Safe Communities for Learning began earlier this year.

“We’d like parents and students to be involved; to have their say. We think that together we can find solutions.”

From June 12 - 18, members of the public can participate in an Ideas Xchange to provide feedback on ideas that the project has uncovered, and put forward new ideas.

“This is the most critical part of the project. In addition to letting people know what the project has already covered and discovered, we will be looking for feedback on the ideas and suggestions which have come out of it. What they should look like, how they should operate and whether these are likely to reduce violence and help schools respond better,” said Ms Elliott.

“We know that many parents have been dissatisfied with the way that violent incidents are reported, so one thing we have looked at is how to improve that. One idea is to make it possible for parents and students to report. But how that might work, whether it would help – we need community input on that,” Ms Elliot said. “We also want to hear any new ideas from parents, carers and community members.”

The Ideas Xchange will involve a carefully designed 2 hour session, repeated throughout the week to suit as many people as possible. Light refreshments will be provided for all sessions. A number of daytime sessions will be offered and evening sessions for working parents.

“Council is keen for as many parents and carers to attend these workshops as possible and have their say.”

Don’t miss this chance to comment and help shape some real options for solutions. To book into a session: https://www.education.act.gov.au/ideas-xchange.

“This isn’t going to happen overnight, but we must work towards a future where school communities form strong partnerships and work together to minimise violence and to respond effectively and talk openly and clearly when violence does occur.”

Released 7 June, 2019