Parents’ Council welcomes water stations in schools

The ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations welcomes the announcement today of the phase-out of sugary drinks in schools and the installation, instead, of water bottle re-fill stations.

“School canteens are embracing the move towards healthier options,” said Viv Pearce, Council President. “This is a great next step which will be welcomed by many parents.”

“We are particularly pleased about the roll-out of water bottle re-fill stations to schools. They will be a hit with students, especially in the hotter weather.”

“We welcome the health message that this sends to schools and to students,” she said.

Prior to the announcement at the ACT Government’s Fresh Tastes launch on Friday, Council worked with government on the proposal and successfully lobbied for a longer phase-in period. Canteens have until the end of the year to comply while vending machines will be gone by the end of the term.

“The longer-phase in time is important for our parent organisations which, in some cases, raise funds through the sale of soft drinks, especially in colleges and high schools. This gives them time to sell stock without financial loss and to find alternative sources of funds,” said Ms Pearce.

“We also note that school fetes and similar events are not covered by the ban, which we see as appropriate. These products are best regarded as party food to be consumed occasionally, rather than being available every day at school,” she said.


February 23, 2014