Your Council membership

There is a small rise in Council membership fees this year so that we can continue to provide comprehensive support for you –  our members.

CouncilAll public school parent associations are members of Council. As your peak body, we’re here to help you run your association well, support your volunteers and make things easier so that each of our 92 associations don’t have to reinvent the wheel! We also voice your views and the needs of parents to the Education Directorate and ACT Government.

At the beginning of July 2019, we sent out invoices for our membership fees to treasurers, for payment by the end of July. This year, we increased the rate for membership slightly – the first time that there has been a rise in the rate for 10 years. The rise will help us increase staff hours so that we can better meet your needs. The increase is from 90c per student at the school, to 95c – plus GST.

What are the advantages to your P&C of your Council membership?

The parent voice

Problem at your school? Can you see ways in which schooling could be improved? We voice parent concerns and represent the views of parents and carers to the Education Directorate and Minister through formal submissions to enquiries and via representative positions on many committees. We help resolve issues and provide parent input to policies and decisions affecting schools.

“Thank you… for putting together this submission to government. [It] clearly presents the issues that have been raised at Council meetings and discussions.”   

Help running your P&C

We have extensive information, advice and tips for P&Cs available on our website, covering everything from running good meetings to licensing your raffle, from collaborating with the school and principal to promoting your canteen

We also have a range of templates, samples and proformas for you to pick up and customise so that you don’t have to invent your own. There’s a brochure introducing your P&C, sample hand-over notes, and templates for meeting minutes and agenda, canteen contracts, risk management plans and your association’s  constitution.

 “I found the resources provided by the Council really helpful. We often refer to the information and guidance on your website.”

Your membership also entitles you to free training courses on a range of subjects including amending your constitution and managing your insurance.

“Great presenters and wonderful clear and informative worksheets.”

We also offer advice, assistance and answers to your enquiries over the phone or by email. If you are finding the P&C hard going, or just have a quick question, do contact us. We also offer site visits and can attend your P&C meeting if needed.

“I really appreciate the email contact - whenever I emailed a question... I was answered in a very timely manner.”

Sharing expertise

We don’t have all the answers, and there’s an incredible wealth of expertise, skills and experience among our members, so we help  share that collective wisdom around. You can come to our meetings and talk to others in a similar position to yourself, join one of our email groups on special topics (eg canteens, uniform shops) to ask the nitty gritty, or check out articles featuring great works by P&Cs across Canberra.

“Many thanks to the Council for organising the monthly general meetings - great opportunity to meet people from other schools and discuss issues relevant to many.”


Our group insurance scheme provides insurance for your parent association at reduced cost, and assistance in making sure you have the cover you need.

Keeping you informed

To help keep you in the know, this magazine arrives each term for the information of committee members and other parents. In addition, our fortnightly ebulletin, Council Communicator, distils must-know, timely, information for your committee. We also have guest speakers at our general meetings who present information on topics of interest to parents and carers. Recently, we’ve heard about the new system-wide student report templates, ILPs, violence in schools and the Education Directorate’s future plans. 

This article appeared in ParentACTion Magazine, Term 3, 2019.