Wanted: grandparents!

Council Executive member Jane Koitka has some great tips for grandparents wanting to be more involved in schools, and for parent associations looking for volunteers.

Many grandparents take a very active role in the lives of their grandchildren and have a good understanding of their educational and social development. Grandparents can take a greater role in shaping the educational environment for their grandchildren and all children.

Parent associations across Canberra need to swell their ranks, to fill committees or other volunteer roles, and grandparents and other local citizens could be in their sights. Associations could benefit from the input of people who bring different points of view and help provide a school focus in the local community. In fact, grandparents are in a unique position to help evolve P&C connections with the broader community and to help secure a prosperous future for our children.GrandparentsSM

Kirsty McGovern-Hooley, Council President says “the success of P&C associations in the past has mainly been measured on their fundraising efforts. With so much change in social and community structures, parent associations are evolving and their success may also depend on their ability to build community connections.”

Grandparents have a wealth of life experience to share. Their long-term view and understanding can make a difference in helping to shape emerging educational policies and practices. It’s time to encourage grandparents and other citizens you know to join a P&C Association.

10 reasons why grandparents and other citizens should join your P&C

  • meet interesting people
  • work with a team of people towards common goals
  • grandchildren will be proud
  • learn about new education developments
  • voice can be heard — incorporate ideas and understanding of community responsibilities
  • share their extensive knowledge and skills from years in the workforce and raising children
  • show they care
  • help raise money for a great cause — children’s education
  • increased self worth, and fulfilment
  • Number 1 reason – we need them!

5 ideas for recruiting grandparents

  • If your school hosts a Grandparents Day, be sure to include a recruitment drive for your parent association or an information display, or leverage off other events where extended family may be present, such as school concerts or assemblies.
  • Put a sign on the school’s notice board.
  • Host a coffee or tea party for grandparents. Get a local café or cake shop to supply goodies in exchange for advertising (you could hand out business cards, coupons). Advertise in the school newsletter and with posters in local shopping centres or community hubs. Perhaps the school could get on board and students could make an invitation to invite their grandparents, neighbours and so on to come to the party.
  • Host a family portrait fundraising event for all family members including grandparents. Link this to your P&C recruitment drive.
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This article appeared in ParentACTion Magazine, Term 4, 2018.