Amalgamated P&Cs

Amalgamation of P&Cs in local areas into an area or regional committee covering a number of like or networked schools - schools having one or more delegates to the P&C.


  • This would reduce the number of parents required to form an association at each school in the area.
  • It would retain the schools' delegates to Council and hence their input to broader educational and schooling matters.
  • It would retain the school community aspects of parents’ participation.
  • It may attract more parents to participate in school P&C activities, knowing they are not going to be harassed into joining the school P&C committee.
  • It may benefit schools in being part of a larger group for fund raising and other school community events eg fetes.
  • It may assist schools to raise their profile and standards within their area eg a high school working closely with its feeder primary schools.
  • It maintains the legal and liability protections of the parents and volunteers involved.


  • It still relies on having a number of parents step up to manage a registered area or regional P&C association.
  • Still requires proper administration & financial management by a P&C association committee.
  • If one school has a good number of parents on the committee they may be seen to dominate the committee or not be impartial/fair when it comes to sharing resources.
  • The selection of a venue for meetings could be complicated and could end up disenfranchising some parents without their own transport or that can’t travel.


  • Could make it easier for parents to transfer.
  • Chance for local schools to work together.
  • Could facilitate larger school community events for the benefit of all schools.


  • Lack of individual school P&C may result in parnets thinking that they are not needed, making it even harder to conduct events/activities.
  • Some parents could be disillusioned and withdraw if they believed they were being dominated by one group or school.
  • Conflicts over sharing jointly raised funds.
  • School principals could feel disenfranchised.