Treasurer resources

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P&C Treasurer's Handbook


Our Treasurer's Handbook is a detailed guide for ACT P&C Treasurers including:

  • record keeping
  • operating bank accounts
  • internal controls and good practice
  • reporting to the P&C
  • the end of year audit
  • budgeting
  • grants
  • taxation (including the GST)
  • handling employees.

Bookkeeping spreadsheets

Simple SpreadsheetSpreadsheets - excel document with one spreadsheet for all your income and expenditure, with totals, cross-checking and explanation. Also includes Treasurer Report template (second tab). Designed for a simple P&C with one bank account. Contact us if you need a hand to use it.

General Bookkeeping Spreadsheets - a comprehensive excel document with 8 tabs of interlinked data and instructions, covering:  Income and expenses records; Monthly bank reconciliations; Treasurer reports to P&C; Annual Financial Statements for end of year audit and the AGM. There is a copy with worked examples to help you, or contact us 

Other templates & forms