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Latest News

  • Council: raising parent voices

    2021 COVID Lockdown 

    Council takes its role as the parent voice on public education seriously.  

    Here’s what you have told us and what has happened when we've raised your voices about schools and lockdown.

  • COVID-19 Information

    Information and advice for Parent Associations

  • Starting Preschool or Starting School?

    Register here for the next Transition to School parent Forum - Thu, Sep 16, 7-8 pm

    This live webinar is run In collaboration with the ACT Education Directorate. Join us to hear about early education transitions and have your questions answered. A smooth transition to Preschool or to School is one of the best ways a parent can get their child’s education off to a good start. 

  • Early learning rep: long-term benefit

    Parents’ early years at school are a critical point to get engaged. So we think every primary school should have an Early Learning Parent Representative. Marina Spurgin, Council’s Early Learning Officer, talked to several reps to find out what the role involves and the benefits they see.

  • Your Council membership: Connecting you!

    At Council, we put our members — ACT parent associations — at the centre of everything we do.

    We connect you with the tools and skills you need to lead your P&C; connect you, through our representative work, with decision-makers in government; and connect you with each other!