We are the peak body of ACT public school parent associations. We promote the interests of parents and other school community members to government.

We also help school parent associations to operate effectively.

Latest News

  • New bus network jeopardises student safety

    The ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations, which represents ACT public school parents, believes that student safety is being jeopardised at some schools by inadequacies in the new bus network.

  • Setting your goals: fun and fundraising

    A little thought and planning now, some shared goals and fresh ideas, and your P&C will be on track for a great year!


  • War on school waste

    Following last year’s ABC TV series ‘War On Waste’ there is renewed community focus on waste reduction. Council Communications Officer, Janelle Kennard, looks at what resources are available to help schools reduce their waste and ways that P&Cs can help.

  • Public school parents welcome move away from chaplains

    The ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations (Council) welcomes the move away from religious chaplains in ACT public schools. The Council, which represents parents at the Territory’s public schools, recognises that ACT schools must be secular and that the real need is for qualified mental health professionals in our schools.

  • Active Travel Tips

    There are so many benefits (physical and mental health, environmental and social) of walking or riding to school, but it can be tricky to incorporate into the family routine.

    We hope these tips help. And remember, you don't have to walk all the way, or every day!