Starting Preschool or Starting School?

A smooth transition to Preschool or to School is one of the best ways a parent can get their child’s education off to a good start. A child who is happy to go to school is a child who is an engaged learner.

Some very simple tips for parents include:

  • Practise getting ready for school, packing bags, and remebering their hats!
  • Be on time for school. Running late can cause unnecessary anxiety.
  • Talk about what a day at school might be like.
  • Be clear about the pick up arrangements after school.
  • Visit your school in the lead up to day 1.
  • Ensure your child is well rested.
  • Check that your child can unpack, and unwrap their lunch simply.


hands up in class

There are several links listed below that will give you some great tips on how you can start gently preparing your child now for the transition ahead.


This is a great clip to watch with your child. It's school children telling other children what a day at Kindergarten might look like. Watching this together will be sure to start great conversations about what may happen at preschool or school.


The ACT Education Directorate have this great resource for families starting school.


If you have a child who is very cautious about starting preschool, some great tips can be located via this link.


The Kids Matter site have a series of videos that discuss the importance of a positive start to school, steps that you can take to prepare for school, right through to coping schools.