Council working groups

Several Council working groups operate. These focus on issues and improvements on specific topics and share expertise across P&Cs. These are outlined below.

To join any of these groups, use this nomination form.

In addition to these internal groups, Council members also take part in many government committees, representing the view point of parents.

Disability Working Group/Special Education Reference Group

The Disability Working Group (DWG)/Special Education Reference Group (SERG) of Council connects ACT parents with an interest in special education issues. It provides nominated members to represent Council on the Disability Education Reference Group set up by the ACT Government to advise the Minister.

Canteens Sub Committee

The Canteen working group shares P&C expertise, experience and difficulties around operating school canteens. The working group is open to all ACT government school parents and meets as needed or communicates by email.

Gifted & Talented Working Group

Meets once or twice a year to provide input to Council policy and submissions on G&T issues.

Clothing Pool & Uniform Shop Working Group

Meets on demand or by email to discuss issues concerning co-ordinators of school clothing pools/uniform shops.

Before/After School Care Working Group

This group aims to provide a forum for P&CS/schools with such programs to exchange information and ideas, to discuss problems and solutions. It meets by email or as needed.

IT Committee

This operates mainly by email and provides advice to the Council Executive on IT matters in schools.

Parent Support Group on Violence in Schools

Given the more than 40,000 public school students in the ACT, the incidence of violence by students is relatively very low. However, following discussions with a number of parents, Council has formed a support group for parents of children involved in violence in schools, both as victims and instigators of violence. The Support Group will provide a forum for parents and carers to share their experiences. Read the terms of reference for the group. You can also share your experiences by submitting a case study which we will be compiling to assist in our advice to the Education Directorate.

Schools and Communities in Partnership (SCIP) Sub Committee

The sub committee looks at ways of promoting productive relationships between schools and their communities. Last year the sub-committee concentrated on increasing the skill set of representatives and helping P&Cs with effective management of their P&C. This was achieved by giving talks at P&C association meetings on managing your P&C, responsibilities and liabilities of officers, sub committees and constitutions. A new program aimed at helping P&C officers to Effectively Manage their P&Cs has been developed and will be delivered next year.

Sustainable Schools Team

This subcommittee aims to help implement the Sustainability policy of Council; develop related materials; promote the concept that schools can be educators and leaders within their community in sustainability issues. It operates mostly by email and its activities include:

· Writing and sourcing of Sustainable Schools News in issues of Parent ACTion;

· Linking Council with AAEEACT, SEE Change, ACTsmart and other environmental organisations relevant to parents and education for sustainability in our schools.

· Supporting schools to reduce their environmental footprint and teach the cross curriculum perspective of education for sustainability;

· Look at Council practices to reduce our carbon footprint;

Social Media & Communications Committee

This operates by email and provides advice to the Council, its office and P&C associations on all communications (IT) and social media activities of the Council and use of social media by P&Cs.