Parent representatives

Elected Council representatives voice parent concerns to Government. 

Learn more about how Council acts as a voice for parents.

Council Executive

Council Executive Members speak regularly to the Education Minister and senior officials from the Education Directorate to raise issues that have been brought to Council (eg via our regular meetings) and to have input into emerging policies.

See our current Executive Members.

Parent Reps on Committees

Elected parent representatives (reps) take part in many decision-making groups and government committees so that parents' perspectives are represented on many issues. We have representatives on:

  • Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS)
  • Review of Assessment and Moderation Committee 
  • Collaborative Working Group on Food in schools
  • Healthy Schools Network
  • Disability Education Reference Group (providing parent's input on disability issues)
  • School Transport Liaison Committee (including looking at school bus/light rail services)

See a full list with explanation of each committee/representative position.

Who are our Reps?

Representatives on committees and our Executive Members are elected from among Council Delegates from ACT public schools our Annual General Meeting. Contact us if you are interested, or nominate here.

Information and Resources for Reps and Executive Members

When acting as a Council Rep or Executive Member, you're not just lending your perspective as a parent to discussions with Government, you're representing the views of Council - as expressed at our meetings and collated in our Policy. This means that you need to stay informed of Council discussions and deliberations. You will also need to keep Council informed - and through us our members - about what you learn in your representative role, for example, the outcomes of meetings. 

To make it as easy as possible, we'd compiled information, templates and resources.