Running a big school event — a fete or fair? Want to reduce the waste? We’ve compiled some things for your event-organising committee to consider.

Following last year’s ABC TV series ‘War On Waste’ there is renewed community focus on waste reduction. Council Communications Officer, Janelle Kennard, looks at what resources are available to help schools reduce their waste and ways that P&Cs can help.

Some P&Cs provide complex services for parents which are essentially small business undertakings. What can you do when it gets too much for volunteers to manage? We spoke to several P&Cs who now employ an operations manager to oversee their businesses.

Council Executive member Jane Koitka has some great tips for grandparents wanting to be more involved in schools, and for parent associations looking for volunteers.

End of year school reports will soon be on their way home, but many parents tell us they find them hard to interpret. The Education Directorate has provided more information for parents.

At Council’s General Meeting in May, parents had many questions on the use of ILPs in our public schools. The Education Directorate's Jean Walker has provided some answers.

The Education Directorate is taking a new approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education, as the Directorate’s Patrick Chapman explains.

A whole-school camp out on school grounds — complete with toasting marshmallows on an open fire — sounds like loads of fun and a great way to bring the school community together. It also sounds like an organisational headache! Bonnie Rappola, Council Delegate for Southern Cross Early Childhood School, explains how they made it work.

In May, one school volunteer was celebrated as a true friend of public education.

We are pleased to announce the merger of the Canberra Preschool Society with Council, giving us — together — a renewed focus on early childhood education, and greater resources to support and advocate for parents of Canberra’s youngest kids.

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