Conder.PNGInstead of a full-scale fete, some P&Cs are leveraging smaller, more focused events to create many of the same benefits.

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National Reconciliation Week in May is a great time for families – and school communities – to explore and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and achievements. There are many ways to be involved.

An innovative project is bringing entrepreneurial thinking to help school canteens create a café feel.

Long-time Council volunteer, Sharon Ding, was recognisesharon with caption.PNGd with an Excellence in Making Inclusion Happen award at the ACT Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards at the end of last year.

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Marina Spurgin, Council’s Early Learning Officer, looks into play, playgroups and the role parent associations might play.

P&Cs add enormous value to our schools each year! 

Never run an AGM before? Don’t panic!

Friendships, positivity, wellbeing and reading with children were among the top tips for a great start to school at Council’s recent parent forum, reports Early Learning Officer Marina Spurgin.

The ACT Government recently released its Infrastructure Plan. We’ve summarised what it includes for schools.

Canteen staff, volunteers and co-ordinators from ACT schools congregated to celebrate our wonderful school canteens and strive to make them even tastier, at this year’s Canteen Connect.

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