The ACT Government recently released its Infrastructure Plan. We’ve summarised what it includes for schools.

Canteen staff, volunteers and co-ordinators from ACT schools congregated to celebrate our wonderful school canteens and strive to make them even tastier, at this year’s Canteen Connect.

Before the end-of-year rush descends on your volunteers, it pays to look ahead to the new year.

A Games Night at Namadgi school showed what can happen when school staff, students and P&Cs work together

While launching our Reconciliation Action Plan, Council invited all member organisations to join us on our journey of understanding, connection and respect.

Community input, respect and understanding have been the vital first steps in addressing violence in our schools.

If communicating better with parents and building community is at the top of your P&C’s wish list, the Class Carer Program at Chapman Primary may be something worth emulating.

P&Cs have told us of difficulties operating their bank accounts, so we spoke to the major banks to clarify the best accounts and processes for parent associations.

Council membership fees mean we can continue to provide comprehensive support for you –  our members.

We know that managing bullying is a serious concern for many students and families. Council’s Communications Officer, Janelle Kennard, looks at one program already having an impact in our schools.

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