It’s not exactly a glamorous topic, but understanding your P&C’s constitution will help you govern your association well – and legally!  Here are the answers to your constitution questions.

Many P&Cs are looking to re-invent themselves. So we wondered — if you were to start from scratch, what would your P&C look like? We caught up with Canberra’s newest P&C to find out how they approached it.

There is a certain magic to being new —  new year, new classes and teachers, new students, new parents and families. It’s a good time to remember that first impressions — and the way you communicate with families and potential volunteers — can have a lasting impact, writes Marina Spurgin, Council’s Early Learning Officer.

Council strives to be the parent voice on public education – and in 2020 we had a lot to say – but how does it work and what do we achieve?

The ACT Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is a great way for schools to get involved in recycling, help the environment, and raise funds.

What is your P&C for? Right now is an excellent time to get everyone on board and reflect on what your P&C aims to achieve.

Alison Elliott - Council President, and Macgregor Primary School P&C.

P&C Council is hosting an ACT-wide colouring-in competition for public school students!

NAIDOC Week is the perfect opportunity for your P&C to instigate or participate in some enlightening activities!

The P&C at Mount Stromlo High School has been focusing on informing parents and bringing them together.

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