From January next year, the Education and Training Directorate will no longer provide early intervention programs and supports. These programs will be delivered, instead, through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

Australian Council of State School Organisations, ACSSO, is Australia’s peak parent body. It  believes more needs to be done to protect the digital privacy of our children. Accordingly, they have called for stricter privacy requirements to prevent technology companies from tracking students’ online activities for advertising or other profiling purposes. ACSSO is increasing concerned about the practice of technology companies mining student data in schools for potential marketing purposes. This is their message about the issue to school parents:

Council’s long and dedicated work as an advocate for parents of students with a disability was recognised at the end of 2013.

Claire Miller of KidsMatter explains how an in-school program is improving the lives of young children. Because mental health really matters.

Keeping canteens financially viable while serving healthy food is a challenge for many schools. Luckily, Council is here to help.


Council is coordinating a week of celebrating our school communities. We have lots of fun ideas, so make sure your school is part of it

School NAPLAN results for 2013 are due to be made publicly available on the government's MySchool website on March 6, 2014. At this time, there is usually interest from the community in the achievements and performance of individual schools and newspapers often report on school rankings based on data from the website.

At Council’s last Hot Topics meeting, attendees developed the idea of a ‘Week of School Community’ to be held in 2014.

Every ACT government school has a school board — a body where parents, carers, staff and students can participate in decision-making for their school.

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