Companion House helps schools to reach out to migrant families.

Around one in ten students has a specific difficulty with their learning which needs special attention by teachers. Making sure teachers and parents have the tools they need to help is a significant challenge, but real progress is being made.

At Council’s September meeting, parents had questions on the use of IT in schools, Dan Bray from the Education and Training Directorate (ETD) responds

A recently completed ‘Community Kitchen’ at Hughes Primary School opens up the school to international families in a new way.

A new government program aims to address traffic problems around schools while getting more kids walking and riding to school.

The Everyone Everyday program for promoting inclusion in schools was recently recognised with a national award for improving education outcomes.

Council recently purchased a new Australian resource to help parents and teachers better understand dyslexia — a set of DVDs titled 'Outside the Square: Empowering children with dyslexia in our schools'.

It is that time of the year – when your P&C’s membership fees for Council are due.

Looking for ways to connect with your kids and the learning they do through reading? Read on.

Carolyn Fisher, former P&C President at Belconnen High, explains how the P&C re-branded and re-invented itself to better fit the challenges of high school.

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