Gordon Primary School P&C President & Council Executive Member

Kaleen Primary School P&C Vice President & Council Executive Member

Council is proud to be part of the RSEA - Relationships and Sexuality Education Alliance - which was launched late last year to advocate for comprehensive relationships and sexuality education. All parents are invited to be involved.

We’ve received many questions from member P&Cs about the important role school psychologists play. The Education Directorate’s Student Engagement team has supplied this explainer.

P&Cs are welcoming new families starting school — with a little help from Council and Children’s Week funding.

Council has used several formal opportunities this year to present to government a schools wish list which represents parents, carers and P&Cs.

Paul Buckley – Council Vice-President and Representative to ACSSO (Council’s federal counterpart).

Being awarded the ACT Council of Social Service’s Award for Ingenuity in Reconciliation is “wonderful encouragement” for Council.

As the ACT’s single-use-plastics ban comes into effect for a small number of plastic items, some P&Cs are going above and beyond the ban — reducing the plastics they use and pressuring manufacturers to follow suit.

P&Cs excel at building connectedness in school communities. But how do you do that in lockdown, when it is needed more than ever? Janelle Kennard, Council's Communication Officer did some digging (and googling!) and a bit of brainstorming to come up with some options.

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