How do you come together as a school community to celebrate a milestone birthday, have some fun and raise some money for your P&C all at the same time? Think of a theme, get the school on board and run with it!

Olivia Wenholz has been P&C President at Harrison School for three years. We asked her why she volunteers her time.

Joanna Montague is the P&C Secretary at Gilmore Primary. We asked her why she volunteers her time. 

Curtin Primary P&C runs informal get-togethers for early learning families, with wide ranging benefits for strengthening the school community. Marina Spurgin, Council’s Early Learning Officer, had a chat with the Curtin P&C team about their work to build early years community connections. 

One way to swell our volunteer ranks might be to better understand what people love - and hate - about volunteering.

Recruit more volunteers for your P&C by harnessing the power of storytelling. 

Cranleigh School P&C Volunteer & Council Vice-President

Kaleen Primary School P&C Volunteer & Council Executive Member

Macquarie Primary P&C have provided the perfect lure to get parents back on site after years of restrictions: great coffee and space to connect in the school’s new community café. 

Whether your P&C runs a canteen or not, special lunch days are a highlight for families and a handy fundraiser. We share tips and ideas from the expertise in our Canteen Subcommittee on how to make the day a success – and keep it healthy.

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