Parents urging states and territories to ‘Give a Gonski’

Parents are urging Australian Premiers and Chief Ministers to consider the needs of our students at today’s COAG meeting, and implement the Gonski recommendations for a new school funding model.

Council President Ms Vivienne Pearce met with parents, teachers and politicians on the lawns of Parliament House to show our leaders that parents want a ‘needs based’ funding model.  

“We know that the current funding model is broken, we know that the Gonski model will address the student disadvantage, and we know our children need it now. It’s a no-brainer.” says Ms Pearce.

Public schools across Australia are set to benefit the most from an increase in funding under a Gonski model of funding, as money will be spent where it is needed the most.

“Under a Gonski model, education funding will no longer be a political football. Funding will be based on student needs. The formula is transparent.

“Our students have been waiting too long; we have been in consultation for years about funding. It is time we invested in their education and their future” says Ms Pearce.