Council welcomes Inclusive Education Strategy

The ACT’s peak body representing the views of public school parents welcome the ACT Government’s Inclusive Education Strategy, which was launched today. A number of dedicated parents who contributed to the development of the strategy and action plan were in attendance. 

The ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations says this long-term strategy will support a much-needed culture change in our schools and their communities. 

“We know that parents of students with disabilities across ACT Public Schools are looking forward to their young people experiencing more inclusive schools,” says Council President Liane Joubert.  

“It’s critical that our young people with disabilities can access the supports and required adjustments they need in order to learn, and feel that they belong, just like their peers.”

Ms Joubert says she is pleased Council’s ongoing advocacy for more inclusive education funding has seen the ACT Government invest in the trial of inclusion coaches in public schools. 

“We often hear that students with disabilities and their families don't feel welcomed or supported by their school and often their school community,” she says.  

“The implementation of the first action plan shows the ACT Government is committed to supporting public schools to become more inclusive, so that students with disabilities are embraced and supported, while their contributions are celebrated within our schools.” 

“We look forward to seeing the impact of the inclusion coaches when they roll out in selected Tuggeranong schools next year; and hope that this model can be scaled across all ACT public schools.”