Parents welcome further RAT provision from schools

The ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations believes parents will welcome the extension to the provision of Rapid Antigen Tests in schools announced by the ACT Government today.

"The four week extension is generous. Providing the tests to school students gives families additional reassurance," said Alison Elliott, President of Council.  "For many parents and carers Rapid Antigen Tests have been an important tool supporting decisions to send students to school each day."

"Families have been using them in a variety of ways - for reassurance to check kids are negative before heading off to school, but also before mingling with other parts of the community. So the tests are being used to protect their school community, but also older relatives, the soccer team or dance class."

"The widespread provision of the tests through schools to students has also been a learning experience for families. The school network is a great way to get important information to families. We've become familiar with the tests, the instructions, and comfortable and confident in using them. Students themselves are learning to self-identifying when they need to test. It's a great way to upskill people in a tool which may continue to be important in this pandemic," she said.


Released February 16, 2022