Parents welcome return to school plan

The ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations welcomed today’s announcement from the ACT Government for the return to on-site learning in Term 4.

“Parents will be relieved to have a date for the return to school,” says Council President Alison Elliott. “We appreciate how far in advance the dates have been given, so that families have time to plan.”

“Some students need more time than others to get used to change. We hope this timetable will allow those students the chance to make transition visits to school to get used to being back on campus and the things that might have changed, such as wearing masks at high schools,” she said.

“We have been impressed, by and really value, the consultation that the Education Directorate has had with parents and students to understand their needs and concerns as school goes back. Our P&C members have had chance to have their voices heard during the planning phase.”

“Despite great efforts from schools and teachers, learning from home has been really difficult for many families. Lockdown fatigue is setting in, and mental health issues are presenting, or exacerbating,” said Ms Elliott.

“It’s great to know that relief is in sight.”


September 27, 2021.